Kate's Ramblings of Madness

This is where I dump all the stuff I write.
Mostly thoughts about life and general madness.

The Ramblings of Madness
Introductory Ramble

    I begin this by saying, I'm a fool but we're often told that's the greatest bit of wisdom we can possess, so, yay for me. Expect no grand wisdom or new insight to life, I only speak for myself. I don't believe I have anything more to offer than my own experiences and the insights they afford me. They're simply me, reaching out, sharing what I'm thinking, in the hopes they may be useful to someone. I truly believe, if one can help just one other person, then ones existence was worth while. In short (aye, too late), take these writings with a grain of salt. They aren't blanket statements, facts or the like. They're just ramblings of madness brought on, at times, by grief, (I've outlived way too many people), or loneliness or, once again, the hope they may be useful.

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