Concept Behind The Site

To display & promote a truly free, no strings web-hosting site:

Info Pending

Simplicity of Design:
Free of flash, java, java-script (which can be very dangerous on proprietary OSs)
This site will properly display on all computer types, OSs & Web Browsers.
No plugins, or special software needed.

Easy of Use:
Clear separation of content. One page dedicated to one purpose.
No complex, over crowded, difficult to navigate pages.
No intrusive ads, invasive script or pop ups.
Most websites are following the poorly though out trend of putting small, light coloured
fonts on a white or brightly coloured background.
This makes the website harder to read in general, more so for the visually impaired.
In contrast (pun intended) we are using a black background with large, bright fonts.
We're currently working on mobile device version of our website.
Software Used:
No expensive software used, in fact it's free!
The site was creating using
a free, open source, multi-platform WYSWYG html editor.
On various GU Linux distributions
Intersexed People of NJ is powered by CyberPunk X Computers,running various GNU Linux Distros.
Website is hosted by
For free web hosting visit them (& consider making a donation).

None of the applications,  services or the like,  recommended here,  paid for advertising.
We recommended them because we use & believe in them.

Site Updated Wednesday 04 June 2014
Portable Device version of this site coming soon.