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Problems with Yahoo Group
Wednesday 11 March 2015

For a while now I've been trying to recover my yahoo group "IntersexedPeopleofNJ" with no success. Yahoo "support" has no idea why it isn't working or why they can't change the password, or why my admin was changed to my an old alternate (dead) email. They claim it hasn't been cracked (it's cracked, not hacked).

    They are going to give it one more shot, as am I. If they fail to reset it, I'm going to completely abandon the group.

    I only wanted access to delete the account anyway (something they can't see to do either). Since I can do everything here and on GNU Linux that yahoo and google can do (and more) with less problems and more control.

    We'll know in a few days if they can fix this.

    I need to say this is why yahoo is failing. Google isn't too far behind if it doesn't get it's act together. I don't care how much money they have. One can't bollox it up this much and survive.


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