PONJ has a new safe Intersexed, Transgendered, Bi & Friends chat channel!
Just launch a safe* IRC client like kvirc** (recommended) or konversation
(both commonly available Open Source OSes), connect to freenode,
then join #intersexed-newjersey & chat away.

Please remember it's a new channel. There aren't going to be a lot of people
at first but someone be there every Fri, Sat & Sun. From the regulars that emerge,
we will pick channel ops until we can keep it populated 24/7/365.

Thanks for your help!

* The IRC clients listed here are General Public License (GPL) free open source software (FOSS).
GPL software is far safer to use then proprietary software.

** Mac & MS Windows users can download KVIRC below.

Other Free Open Source IRC clients:

Adding freenode to your irc client:
Assuming you aren't using one of the above IRC clients, search out the add server option.
For new server add "", for port add "8001" (don't include the quotes).
Having trouble setting up / connecting, email us!


Intersexed People of NJ is powered by CyberPunk X Computers,running various GNU Linux Distros.
Website is hosted by
For free web hosting visit them (& consider making a donation).

None of the applications,  services or the like,  recommended here,  paid for advertising.
We recommended them because we use & believe in them.

Site Updated Wednesday 04 June 2014
Portable Device version of this site coming soon.